1. Where I can find price list of all displays shown in your website?

    All pictures in our website aim to introduce our capabilities and the service range we can offer. They are not for direct sales for end customer. If you require Custom made display, please contact our sales team.
  2. Do you have catalogue?

    Niki Ltd. do not offer a catalogue items. We manufacture only custom made displays and retail equipment, furnituring, etc. that will suit better your requirements.  
  3. Do you have your own product catalogue?

    No, we do not have standard catalogue products. All displays produced in our factory are customer oriented and cover all quality procedures and functionality.
  4. Do you offer samples?

    Yes, we could offer sample and it is discussed individually with each customer depending on the project. 
  5. Do you have minimum volume order?

    Each order is considered as private and individual project. Big volume means production and price optimization. We do not have special requirements for any particular volumes but single pieces are considered to be samples. They require more time and production sources.
  6. Do you offer product guarantee?

    All displays produced by our team have guarantee for technical functionality based on production specifications, processes made by Niki.
  7. Do you have your own chrome- or zinc plated installation?

    No, we use sub suppliers.
  8. Do you produce acrylic parts, stickers, printing materials by yourselves?

    No, we do not have our own production line to those items, but we have relationship with high professional sub suppliers.