1. 2016

    Investment in Machinery

    In the last few years, the company has invested in expanding the manufacturing facilities and modernization of the machinery. We’ve purchased several sheet material and profiling laser machines from leading European manufacturers. Today, Niki has a total area of 6500 square metres, including the manufacturing units, warehouses and administration.
  2. 2015 2013

    Accomplishment of EU Project

    A successful management of projects, which incorporates 3D wire bending, wire de-coiling machine and a CNC control sheet-bending press. Along with this, we’ve started building a new three-story office building for the administration.
  3. 2012

    Development of new production facilities

    The ambitions of the company are getting bigger and we’ve launched the construction of new halls with a total area of 1000 sq.m. The purpose of the new buildings is to expand the production capacity and the resources of Niki. These resources include production areas and a three-story luxury office building.
  4. 2006

    Canteen for our employees

    A canteen with a capacity of 100 people has been built up for the needs of company staff. Every day the employees of Niki enjoy fresh and healthy meals.
  5. 2007 1997

    IKEA’s main supplier

    A few years later, Niki Ltd expands the range of clients and becomes one of the suppliers of the Swedish company IKEA. The set up brings a fruitful cooperation and enables the company to prove itself as a leader in the field of metallic wire, tubing, profiles, sheet metal.
  6. 1994

    The Very Beginning

    Niki Ltd started its operation with the production of a wide range of household wire products. The main products are wire baskets and trays for refrigeration equipment. The sales are focused mostly in Bulgaria and the Balkan countries - Serbia and Macedonia.